Tuesday, 26 October 2010

In Mark Shuttleworth We Trust

Ok, so recently Mark Shuttleworth announced that Unity will be used as the main Desktop Environment for the next edition of Ubuntu. Many have said that this is a bad idea and that gnome-shell should be given a chance. I don't think Canonical have any choice. The gnome-shell is hideously incomplete. We can all see that Unity is also far from completion but it's a far better shell than that provided by the gnome foundation. Unity as it stands is perfectly usable for regular laptops. I'll have to see on my desktop although I borked it yesterday so that's my first job when I get home! eek!

Anyhow, I think that the Ubuntu community should trust Mark Shuttleworth and his team of peeps. They know way more about this stuff than I do and from what I've seen it's good shiz. There are a few things, like the dock isn't really a dock. I'm not really sure what it is, perhaps Canonical could learn some lessons from the ever popular Docky. The other worry of course is how slow it is. It's not exactly Usainly quick, but for the moment, it'll do. There's also some weird gaps in places that there really shouldn't be gaps. Nevermind, I'll keep using it to see if I can get used to it.



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