Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Laptops are getting super thin

Ok so I have to hand it to Apple, they've created one hell of a machine in the new 13" Air. The spec is great for something so thin. However is it a placeholder for what the future holds? It seems as though it has come a generation too soon. The new even-more-efficient processors are due for release in February. Given that, why choose now to release a brand new range of machines? People who have invested this time round are going to be kicking themselves when they see the new range of macbooks(pros) in Q2 of 2011. I think the net gen will be saying a fond farewell to the optical drive. It won't be too much of a loss, I certainly don't really use it, I get my movies for the web and I use steam for gaming.

Were also heading for a weird transition period for personal computers where currently they are aimed at entertainment but entertainment will be so accessible from our televisions the use of PC's will go back to the office. We'll be going full circle by way of a weird entertainment bypass. Many pro users and developers are gonna hate the next coiple of years but when we get out the other side it'll be really good for us in terms of available machines. I fear, however, that they will be hideously expensive. This may also leave the door open fora desktop resurgence which can only be a good thing. either that or better ways of linking a laptop to an external monitor; maybe even wireless! That'd be awesome.../daydream

...Anyway, that's it from me today, I'm still reasearching for another post I'm writing. It's turning into a bit of a mission!



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