Friday, 1 April 2011

Acer to become new Apple?

Unless this is an April fools, this is huge.

Well huge if it means a PC manufacturer is going to be making better hardware. If it just means they want to make more money by over charging their customers then its lamity of the highest order. Apple has done really well in making itself become a drug that users can't get off, "Apple Crack".

This "Apple Crack" seems to have taken hold on competitors too who strive to imitate the infamous software house. I, like so many others, have no time for shitty little devices like the iPad that none of us really know how to use in our day to day lives. I have no complaints with their laptop range, however, which is why this news is in some-way interesting. If Acer can replicate the quality of design and marketing strategy of Apple, then we could perhaps see another Windows vs. Mac battle that won't consist of 'Choose us because PC's are ugly', or, 'Choose Windows because it's what is on the inside that counts' jibes.

Personally, I don't use either but I would very much like a decent looking laptop to put my Ubuntu on to. It's about time someone other than, 'the-no-better-than-Apple' Sony, put some effort into their design.

On the other hand, if the task is to fleece the market, then I have a piece of advice for Acer. People buy into shit because it's good. not because you're charging more.

HP made this very same mistake with the Envy series. Perfectly reasonable systems, but not flawless and with a price tag way over £1000 people expect perfection. If you want to make a premium product, make it premium; Don't do half arsed job, or put in hardware that's new and bleeding edge if it doesn't work right. Make the experience smooth as butter and people won't forget it. Forget the crapware installed by default. We all understand that you get your money from sponsorship deals with Norton and other bloatwhores. But I have a better plan. Build decent systems that a whole load of people want to buy and then have incremental updates on a set range of machines that people will lap up time and time again. This is the Apple way, and it works. But please, please, please, don't turn out the same old rubbish and expect customers to pay a premium. You'll crash and burn.



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