Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Samsung Burned my Finger

Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away... Yet today, I have a burned finger and I'm dismayed. There's me, casually using my laptop for work, OK I've been using the laptop a lot recently, working at work, working at home. Just trying to get things done. I'm used the tech getting hot from lots of use. That isn't the issue. What I am not used to, (nor should I be), is the burning sensation in my middle finger from using the touchpad 'too much'. I went to bed last night, with the aforementioned burning sensation, thinking that it was just over use of my poor appendage. I fully expected to be right as rain by morning. I was wrong. The burning sensation had remained. Not painful, more irritating. Certainly unnecessary. So I ring Samsung...again (I've had a long standing on/off relationship with the customer support team). They answered pretty quickly, so I was pleased. Although it was quite early in the morning I did expect to be listening to Rick Astley's Greatest Hits for the best part of today. I gave my customer reference. I was then told by the chap in the phone that I had no warranty remaining...again (yes this long standing relationship was based around arguments as to whether I had indeed paid the £120 extended warranty.) This gets, as you might imagine, boring. Once all that nasty business is over and I speak to the manager, again, I tell them of my woes. I am greeted with a response that beggars belief. I was told that the device was 'expected to get hot and this is normal' So, If I'm not mistaken, my finger feeling like I've just held it over the snout of a boiling kettle, is "Normal"? If this is the case then I think that we all need to reassess what is normal, what is fine, what is acceptable. I was under the impression that I didn't need to endure discomfort to go about my daily life. In this case I must thank Samsung for enlightening me on this issue.

I. Think. Not.

As soon as this is fixed up I'm finding a new laptop. Maybe I should go to Samsung HQ and show them my middle finger...



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