Monday, 2 August 2010

The Great Windicator Mystery

After the much anticipated release of Ubutnu 10.04 Mark Shuttleworth gave his opinion on where to take the UI experience. These Windicator things seem to be at the forefront of the so called improvements.

I don't tend to shirk from change. In the Open Source world, that seems, counter-intuitive. However, I may be mistaken but, I haven't heard or seen anything since his annoucment. October is closing in fast and I'm not seeing any evidence of them. Not that I'm complaining, there has been a lot of progress with the sound and messaging menu which actually matters more to me than the windicators. But still I was quite excited by it. It signalled a new way to think about Linux as a whole. It would have more of an identity. Something that has been highlighted recently with Fedora's row with Canonical regarding their contributions to Gnome. The whole thing is ridiculous but thats by-the-by.

I'm still very excited for the new release of Ubuntu. I fully expect it to be full of bugs but we all know they'll be fixed pretty quickly. Only Time will tell.


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